coulot decolletage

Coulot Decolletage is a manufacturing company that started in aeronautics and armament. Quickly, Coulot Decolletage put its knowledge in classical mechanics at the service of the medical industry.

Coulot Decolletage is, today, a manufacturing company which support its customers by offering them industrial solutions for mass production on any type of material, mainly in the medical field.

Coulot Decolletage has been able to innovate by recently adding additive manufacturing to its industrial solutions. It has also been able to diversify in order to offer a global solution to its customers and now provides finishing services.

1985 - Creation of Coulot Décolletage

1986 - Production for aeronautics and armament

1996 - Begining of medical implants production

2003 - ISO 13485 by AB Certification

2005 - FDA Registration

2009 - ANVISA Registration

2019 - Investment in Additive Manufacturing

2020 - ISO 13485 by LNE-GMED

2021 - Winner of the "France Relance" plan