At the request of our clients, we are unable to provide photos of all of our parts due to confidentiality.

Since 1996 and our entry into the medical sector, we have developed a unique know-how for the development and machining for the most technical parts, regardless of material.

A speciality of our company is the production of parts constituting to rachidial system reparation for scoliosis patients. This system is composed of screws, rods, locking screws, connectors, etc…

Each year we manufacture roughly 200,000 screws of all types (mono-axial, poly-axial…) in the production chain from start to finish. These titanium TA6VELI screws usually range from Ø4mm to Ø12mm with lengths of 15mm to 120mm. Their surface finishes are at the request of the client, and can be sandblasted or anodized for different colours used to differentiate between diameters and lengths, and then individually engraved for traceability. The support rods can be produced with titanium TA6VELI or chrome cobalt determined by the rigidity sought by our clients with the same type of surface finishing as the screws. We also produce the connectors, screw caps, hooks etc. in the same way.

Another of our specialities since 2006 is the production of PEEK implants. It consists of a biocompatible polymer material with similar elasticity to bone. The cages that we produce are designed to be replacements for upper and lower lumbar vertebrae. The production of these parts is only performed on a dedicated machine in a closed room isolated from external pollutants with a dry production process. The finish of these parts is also subject to very strict monitoring and are deburred in the same isolated area with a machine dedicated to PEEK, before then released into the normal production flow (cleaning, inspection, laser marking, etc…).

Since 2018, we have been developing a competency into additive production using 3D printing. This procedure consists of production of implants on the latest generation of the specialized machines integrating shapes and complex structures that can be personalized on mass.

To compliment our growth, this year we have invested into the acquisition of the anodization process which will be operational at the end of the year, after the qualification and validation of the new procedure. This will permit us to have more reactivity for our clients, from screw to screw and contain as much of the process within our company.


Our cupules are produced in M30NW or in titanium TA6VELI. Their complex machining has been perfected for several years. They have a large part of the total hip prosthetic and are inserted into the cotyloid cavity (the part that is naturally dug into the pelvis). We produce several diameters (Ø44mm to Ø66mm). Each finish is different based on the request of the client (manual polishing, poly-mirroring, etc…) and each series of parts are inspected to 100% using a 3D tridimensional machine and identified by laser marking.


The additive production consists of the production of implants on specialized machines of the latest generation, integrating shapes, complex structures and personalized on mass.


  • Hooks
  • Plates
  • Rod to rod closed connectors


Surgical instruments such as screwdrivers, files, gauges of all types, drills, etc… We assemble them on site with the help of specific tools developed for each product.

spine system back

  • Hooks
  • Connectors
  • Stretched Polyaxial Screwheads
  • Polyaxiale Screwheads
  • Transversal Connector Arms

Back PEEK Implants

  • PEEK Cage