Manufacturing Workshop

Secteur DECO



The workshop of 17 CN DECO TORNOS machines with a dedicated climate control system. This machine park is comprised of:

  • 2 DECO 10: Machining bars up to Ø10mm.
  • 9 DECO 13: Machining bars up to 16mm.
  • 1 DECO EVO 16: Machining up to 16mm.
  • 1 DECO 20 SIGMA: Machining up to 20mm
  • 1 DECO 26: Machining up to Ø26mm.

These high end machines have performance points in terms of rigidity and machining power. Their primary features are as follows:

  • 10 axes and 2 C axis with up to 22 tools for the 20 SIGMA
  • Possibility to engage 4 tools upon the material simultaneously
  • Autonomy without human intervention
  • Rigidity, precision and reliability
  • 4 motorized engines for turning tools and special equipment
  • Possibility of work without guides
  • Synchronous motorization
  • Huge production area
  • Ergonomic study for the operator



Workshop of TRAUB and INDEX high capacity multiaxial rotating dual-spindle machines, with a dedicated climate control system. This machine park is composed of:

  • 1 TRAUB TNC 42
  • 1 TRAUB TNC 42 TT
  • 1 TRAUB TNC 26
  • 1 TRAUB TNC 26K

Their machining capabilities grant us great machining freedom, notably for the diameter of bars up to 65mm (titanium, stainless steel, chrome cobalt…)

As part of their characteristics, they are equipped with supplementary milling spindles on a Y / b axis for machining, milling and off-setted slanted drilling, with the possibility to machine with 2 tools simultaneously.




A workshop encouraging innovation since the end of 2013, with 3 BUMOTEC S191 machining centers (rotational / milling).

Their capabilities offer us new machining opportunities, notable for the most complex parts and the prototypes with the highest specifications in terms of shape.

Their innovating concept is the result of the latest technologies in axial material driving. The rigidity holds the assembly in a cast iron frame to prevent any vibration during machining. The groundbreaking drivetrain allows the maximum functionality on the minimum size.

There are numerous characteristics, which include:

  • 7 axes and 3 spindles
  • Linear
  • Up to 90 tools
  • 5 simultaneous axis
  • Direct axis B drivetrain
  • Surface quality
  • Reduction of cycle time
  • Excellent thermal stability
  • Increased production

citizen - enc


A workshop for CITIZEN machining, with a dedicated climate control system. This machine park consists of:

  • 2 CITIZEN L20X
  • 3 CITIZEN M32
  • 2 CITIZEN L220

Since the end of 2012, in an approach to improve productivity and quality, we have invested in new HESTIKA Citizen machines that allow our production to evolve onto more precise and complex machines. Their capabilities allow us to:

  • Machine Ø20mm for L20X and Ø35mm for M32
  • Integrate up to 25 turning tools, 33 drilling/boring tools and 30 rotational tools
  • Improve the quality and speed of machining parts

Additive manufacturing


Local ATEX regulated in temperature and humidity, this zone is composed of : 

  • 1 DMP Flex 350 machine
  • 1 screen
  • 1 Duster 

The room can accommodate 5 machines of the DMP Flex 350 type. Our know-how allows us to have a metal 3D printer with high speed and high repeatability which triggers high quality parts from the most complex alloys. Our additive manufacturing solution is an integrated solution including software, material and applications with guaranteed assistance provided by experts. Our current model is a significant alternantive to traditional metal manufacturing processes : with a manufacturing volume of 275 x275 x 420 mm, it combines waste reduction, production speeds, reduced configuration time, dense parts and mechanical properties.


wire cut







Climate control for the area isolates the oil vapors with 1 machine and 1 GUYSON sandblasting cabin dedicated solely to the machining and deburring of PEEK (a thermically stable and biocompatible plastic material).

Machine Workshop:

  • 2 motor-powered spindles of identical construction
  • Simultaneous machining with 3 tumblers
  • Increased acceleration (1G) and rapid turns
  • Y axis possible for main spindle and counter spindle
  • Indexing of rapid tumbling
  • Up to 42 tools in the workshop
  • All stations can be trained


  • Mediblast stainless steel 316L container
  • Sole use of bicarbonate soda