Finishing & Administrative Area

Control & Quality

Climate controlled inspection / quality room equipped with the following machines:

  • 1 3D sensor machine: Optical FOV 250 SMARTSCOPE
  • 5 automated 2D projectors KEYENCE
  • 2 TESA and TRIMOS Measuring columns
  • 1 MAHR Perthometer Roughometer M2
  • Pin Gauges from 0.30mm to 10mm diameter at intervals of 0.01mm
  • A diverse array of digital inspection instruments at each computerized post: (calipers, micrometers, comparators) with interfacing to Excel
  • LEICA Binoculars of magnification 8x to 35x
  • A complete range of thread gauges, ring gauges, both specialized and standardized


  • Master production process using the method QI-QO-QP: Qualification of inspection equipment
  1. Procedure validation
  2. Procedure statistical mastery
  •  Elaboration and analysis of machine and product capabilities
  • Reactivity and mastery of specific procedures at the request of the client (FAI etc…)


Climate controlled methodology office comprising of 9 computer posts equipped with the latest versions of the following software:

  • VERICUT: Machining simulation and optimization
  • TB-DECO (Programming for DECO)

Mastery of procedures to follow during each production

Performance of procedures

Accompaniment of the pre-series production

Trumph / Laser


Climate controlled laser zone with 2 LASIT and TRUMPF laser marking machines.

  • 1 LASIT Fiber Laser: Allows engraving regardless of material (Titanium, PEEK, Chrome Cobalt…)
  • 1 cold marking TRUMPF Picosecond Laser: Allows the engraving of any instrument part without destruction of treatment resistant material such as passivation.
  • Analyzed regularly on initial samples by an exterior laboratory: (depth, heat affected areas…)


Climate controlled cleaning zone with 1 ultrasound cleaning machine and 6 AMSONIC automated baths.

Machine connected to a demineralized water station.

Analyzed regularly by an exterior laboratory for water quality (Water hardness, Conductivity…)


Climate controlled area with 1 laminar flow cabinet and diverse tools and specific mountings.

Respecting the requirements and specifications of clients based on blueprints.


Climate controlled area with 2 warehouses equipped with Electroclass automated filing cabinets. Organization of deliveries, storage, and of preparation and distribution of tools.

Coding of all tools.

Inspection of stocks (stock rotation), supply and inventory.

Administration / Lancement


& Logistics

New climate control area to group ADV areas and software.

  • Reception
  • Registration and Management of orders
  • Contract review
  • ERP Stradivalto
  • Management of stock and flow